Phones in the Classroom

I recently saw a pin on Pinterest where teachers were making QR codes for their students to glue in their Interactive Notebooks. I loved this idea so I cranked out a handout of QR codes for my students to use when they take their notebooks home. I’ve also started adding QR codes to worksheets to help them when they get stuck.

QR codes on pinterest

Officially phones are not allowed to be out in the classroom at my school, but we also have a free WiFi available to students… so I feel the policy is a bit contradictory. As more and more schools start to allow social media and technology into the classroom, I suspect many districts will not only allow phones in the classroom, but encourage them (if they are used for educational purpose!)

For more on phones in the classroom, I suggest this article:

Here is the handout I made for my students,  which I’ve posted for FREE on TpT:

Writing QR Codes


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