RRR: Day 3

(First, my apologies for the tardiness of this review… a certain 5-year-old’s birthday, anniversaries, and a trip to the beach interfered with my  blogging! It was a happy distraction though. Please enjoy my final review of the RRR conference.)

On Day 3, Todd Whitaker and Jason Ryan Dorsey (The Gen Y Guy) were the final presenters at the Rigor, Relevancy, and Relationship Conference I attended earlier this month in Cy-Fair ISD. (See my reviews of Day 1 and Day 2)

The morning’s keynote address as given by Todd Whitaker. He spoke mostly about his book, “Leading School Change.” All week-long, I heard other participants talk about Todd and say things like, “I don’t want to miss that guy!” so I knew his keynote would be great. I wasn’t disappointed.

His book is not trying to convince you to change something about your school. We all know that each school, and heck, education as a whole has its flaws. His book is nine step-by-step strategies a school leader can use to lead change at their school. I wish I could have listened to Todd speak all day and get through the entire nine steps! Before I knew it, I looked at my watch and it was time to go, and we were only on the third step!

If I learned anything from Todd Whitaker’s presentation… it’s to make sure that a person’s first exposure to a new idea or program is great. So I’m going to avoid going into a lot of detail about how awesome and informative his presentation was and just encourage you to visit his website, “youtube” him, and read his book. “Leading School Change” is sitting on my desk, marked, highlighted, and sticky noted. I’m intrigued to also read: “50 Ways to Improve Student Behavior” and “What Great Teachers Do Differently.” And I have to wonder, am I a “superstar” teacher?

Jason Ryan Dorsey gave the afternoon keynote during lunch. A neat little factoid: Jason grew up near the Cy-Fair area, which made it really neat to hear him speak about how one special teacher really shaped his life.

Jason’s presentation was a little different from some of the other keynote speakers or session presentations I attended. Jason isn’t a teacher or former teacher, but he still managed to captivate the audience with his anecdotes about different generations. He studies the generations and speaks to business and school leaders on how to unify a team of people from multiple generations.

What I learned from Jason Ryan Dorsey’s presentation is that you can’t treat people from different generations the same or expect them to act the same. They have different attitudes, beliefs, and unique behaviors and talents. A school contains at least four different generations of people, all trying to work side-by-side. That’s a lot of attitude! His website gives more information about “Gen Y” or people born from 1977 to 1995. This is probably a big bulk of a school’s teaching staff. This would be younger, newbie teachers to veterans with around 10 years (maybe a little less) experience. Here is a video (not from the RRR conference I attended, but of Jason Ryan Dorsey speaking about the different generations. This speech was definitely on par with the quality of the presentation he gave at the RRR conference – in which he also received a standing ovation!)

You can purchase his newest book, “My Reality Check Bounced” or “Y-Size Your Business” on Amazon.com


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