Hello friends!

I use this phrase, “friends,” to address my students all the time. It seems more appropriate than saying “hey you” or my least favorite teacher-phrase “ok guys.” So I coined “friends” as a way to address my 7th graders. It seems appropriate to use it here today because I hope that this will become a place where my teaching friends (real, internet, or imagined) will come for all things teacher-ish.

It’s my intention to write a blog where I can chronicle instructional practices that I find effective, share ideas,  and dialogue with others (others being teachers, parents, and my mom – who will most surely become my #1 fan! Love you, Mom!)

I’d like to post pictures of my classroom, lessons plan artifacts (read: proof that teachers don’t sit at their desks all day and play solitaire!) student work, links to other blogs, and etc., etc. Nothing too lofty… I just want a place where I can talk about what I love: teaching.

I hope that you’ll check back on me as my blog and I grow.

For now, I leave you with a link to the best (and probably tiredest) YouTube teacher video around that explains why  personally love to teach.

~ Mrs. Mandy Sager


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